New Sweatsuit


Little Loren got a new outfit. I got him this Paw Patrol sweatsuit at Target. It was on the clearance rack, and it only cost $12.98. I also got him a pack of baby mittens. They aren’t like regular mittens; they are designed to prevent babies from scratching, and they are really small. They are the perfect size for Little Loren’s tiny paws. He likes the pair with little animals on them the best.


The sweatsuit came with a T-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt jacket, and little sweatpants with stripes down the sides. It was a really good deal. Little Loren usually wears size 12 months, but the smallest size they had was 18 months. It is a little big on him, but I just roll up the sleeves and it fits him fine.


Paw Patrol is a cartoon show on Nickelodeon for little kids. The characters are all animals, and the main characters just happen to be dogs. Little Loren doesn’t like dogs. I decided to give the sweatsuit to him anyway because it is a cute show, and it is called Paw Patrol. Little Loren has cute little paws too.


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